To my students

I will be back in Beijing again next month, and  I have to say goodbye to the students whom I teach in New Hope School in Gan’su province. I went  there to be a volunteer teacher this summer, and the more I live with them, I find that I  couldn’t like them more.

I  always  want to write something to remember this period of experience, and I find time today, so I post here, to share with our friends here:

Today we are teachers and students, and tomorrow, we will be friends; Please remember: Time tide waits for no man. You should try your best to hold every moment to learn more in order to build your bright future. Learning is really a hard job, you should cultivate a good habit to learn at any time and any place. When you leave shool to seek your bright fate in this world, you might as well find some time to learn no matter how busy you are. Never  lazy, for it is your enemy, it will ruin your good habits.

Please forgive me, when I am angry with you when you have made any mistakes, for I just want to you to become a good students; I am not a man who like find troubles to you all, I just wanna you  make a progress everyday; Each time when you show me your good grades, I just ignore them, I meant to do that for I worried that you will feel too proud, stay in that dangerous status, for it may hault you make a progress; Each time  when I play games with you, I do hope that you will feel happy at school.

You said to me that you are reluctant to see me go back, you all like me, and beg me stay. I am very moved, but I have to go back. Though I don’t stay with you, but my heart has already belongs to you. I do believe that we will meet again, it is only the problem of time. And you also will leave this place to go to university to learn more. You needn’t worried about the new circumstance, for I am sure that you will make good new friends there, only if when you opend up your hearts. When you feel angry, please remember what I have told you before: Just try to calm down, count from one to ten, then you will feel better; if you meet any problem that you cannot deal with, you are welcomed by me, just write or call me, I will help you out at any time. Just be nice to everyone, including your teachers, parents, friends, relatives, shoolmates, strangers, if you do that, you will find that everyone will be nice to you , too.

When you come into the society, and become a mother or father of the child, never indulge them, you should learn to say no to any unreasonable demands, for a good habit will make them outstanding.

I don’t care if you can remember or not, but please remember what I have told you before: Love our country,as well as countrymen no matter which brands they belong to;Be nice to eveyone; Feel gratitude to everything; Never lazy, and try learn more; Be honest, and be brave to fight for any evil even you may lose your life.

Again, I really feel proud of you all, though seldom do I say that, and I hope that you will grow up safe and sound, and become a man who are responsible to you family, your neibourhood, your society.

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